PVC (polyvinyl chloride) panels are high-quality plastic sheets for interior decoration. The advantages of PVC panels are such properties as fire safety, moisture resistance, durability, environmental safety and hygiene. They can be applied with equal success both in the decoration of commercial premises (offices, exhibition halls, stores) and in living rooms. Because of the moisture impermeability, the panels can be found most often in the decoration of bathrooms instead of tiles.

The PVC woodgrain panels shall be mounted onto any smooth surface using adhesive or 'liquid nails'. They can be used for lining works not only on the walls, but also the ceiling or any other surface. The panels are manufactured from foamed PVC and have an extruded texture; they feature low weight and thickness (1-6 mm), and can be bent easily. Due to its flexibility, the panel can conceal the existing unevenness on the wall surface.

The up-to-date production of PVC allows us to create panels of various textures and colors. The 'Wood' PVC panel has a woodgrain decor. Such an option will look great in rooms with solid wood or laminate flooring. The 'Wood' panel will also perfectly suit for finishing works in offices, hallways and loggias.