The PVC panels decorated like stone is a modern and aesthetic type of interior finishing. The special beauty of PVC panels is achieved by embossing and extrusion of the pattern during production. The textured pattern allows the panels to blend harmoniously into an existing interior or create an unusual design from scratch.

In addition to excellent appearance, the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) panels have a number of practical advantages. They are moisture resistant and can be used in bathrooms and toilet rooms, or as splashbacks, etc. The panels are heat resistant and can be mounted near radiators, cooking stoves, ovens, etc.

The panels are installed using special adhesive for plastic panels, regular construction glue or 'liquid nails'. The light weight of each panel makes the installation process easy and enjoyable, requiring no special skills.

The GRACE company offers PVC panels of any texture and color in the amount required for finishing and within the time stipulated.