Plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) panels are used for interior decoration. Due to the positive properties, they can be used to finish the walls of commercial and residential premises; in rooms with high humidity or exposed to high temperatures.

Modern production line allows us to create PVC panels of any kind, with a wide variety of textures and colors. The thinness and flexibility of the panels make them easy to install, even on irregular walls. They can also help to conceal minor wall defects. Thanks to moisture resistance, 'Slate' PVC panels do not require special care. It is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth so that the panels again get their original appearance.

'Slate' panels offer a variety of options for room decoration. You can use them to coat all walls in the room, or only one or even some part of the wall. The color scheme and texture of the 'Slate' panel is perfect for finishing the hallways, balconies or bathrooms. The imitation of slate will perfectly fit such material as brick or wood. The beige and brown shades of the slate together form a related palette and create a single design.