Eclectica series plastic 3D panels are used for decorative wall decoration indoors - kitchen, toilet and bathroom, entrance hall, office, shop, reception, etc.

3D panels of the Rakitta series differ from other similar materials by the presence on the front surface of a truly volumetric relief up to 10 mm high, exceptional wear resistance, strength (plastic thickness up to 1 mm) and moisture resistance, simplicity installation (only glue of the "liquid nails" type is required) and absolute harmlessness.


  • The panels can be painted in any color;
  • Convenient size for installation (600x600 mm);
  • Installation of 3D Eclectica panels does not require special skills and knowledge, this work is easy to cope with one man;
  • The flexibility and ductility of the panels allows set them on not very even and not carefully treated surfaces;
  • Universal. Can be wall mounted, on the ceiling, on an office partition, in an arched opening, on a decorative screen, in the kitchen, etc.;
  • Wear resistance and moisture resistance;
  • 3D panels of the Eclectica series do not "eat up" the internal space of interior.

Easy installation

  • In all cases, except for the use of 3D panels Eclectica, as part of suspended ceiling systems, the panel is attached to the original surfaces with glue like "Liquid nails" for working with materials made of plastic or PVC.
  • For the installation of 3D panels of the Eclectica series, it is not required special preparation of their installation site.
  • Eclectica 3D panels can be fixed directly on plaster, plywood, concrete or brick, OSB or fiberboard, wood or plastic, as well as directly on the tile, on the previously painted wall or ceiling, on old wallpaper and any other more or less flat surface.