The panels manufactured by the polymerization of vinyl chloride (PVC panels) are gaining popularity among consumers due to their high strength characteristics, a large assortment of colors and availability.

The texture and pattern of the 'Brick' PVC panel perfectly fit a variety of different interior styles, for example, the loft style wall decoration. The 'Brick' panel is manufactured both in the regular dark colors (red-brown), and in lighter colors (beige-gray), which will ensure harmonious use of the panels in all types of rooms: from narrow corridors to bright spacious rooms and bedrooms.

The PVC decorative panels are easy to be installed and cared. They can be installed on any surface using the mounting adhesive. Due to the minimum thickness and flexibility, the PVC panels are absolutely undemanding to the wall flatness. On the contrary, they may serve to conceal all the defects and shortcomings of the surface. Being resistant to moisture and mechanical stress, they require only a damp cloth to stay clean. However, in case of strong pollution it is possible to use detergent.

The 'Brick' PVC panels constitute an excellent, practical and, most importantly, inexpensive way to diversify the appearance of rooms.