PVC Panels

PVC panels consist of modern, strong and durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride): moisture and flame resistant material (category B). Application of decorative PVC panels: for interior finishing of corridors and hallways, bathrooms and toilets, living rooms and bedrooms, balconies and loggias. By simply lining one wall or fragment, you will quickly transform your house making the interior look fashionable and modern.

Collections of PVC Panels:

GRACE decorative panels are made of PVC sheets painted with abrasion-resistant German paints. The 3D effect is achieved by embossing the pattern using special molds.

The sheet panels are moisture-proof and wash well. With minimal costs and very quickly, it is possible to create a modern, comfortable and cozy home.

A wide range of decorative panels can satisfy consumers with most refined tastes.

Most PVC panels have the size of 955 x 488 mm, which is about half a square meter. A decorative panel is light-weight and not very thick, which makes working with it much easier.

PVC panels are supplied in rolls.

One pack of panels weighs about 3 kilos.

The surface area that can be covered with one pack depends on the type of panel and is approximately 4.7 square meters. Each package contains information on gluing.

The panels shall be glued to the dust-free surface with special Valo Glue for PVC panels or 'liquid nails'. The glue consumption depends on the work scope (an average of 600 ml for 5-7 panels).

The panels can be easily cut with scissors. The products have bar code.

Grace Company produces both standard assortment that constantly expands, and 'made to order' products (with exclusive shapes and decors under a private trademark).