GRACE WOOD panels are made of high density MDF and covered with a unique finish membrane. Designed for interior decoration of residential and public premises.

Wall design with three-dimensional paneling does not require professional skills and special tools. With our instructions, which are in each package, you can quickly and easily finish the walls of the room or small fragments of the wall, for example, in the area of the TV.

The optimal width of the fragment starts from 140 cm wide to infinity. This width allows the use of panels in small rooms, which is not possible to perform analogues presented on the market.

GRACE WOOD panels do not require additional crates, profiles and clips of complex design. GRACE WOOD paneling technology practically does not obscure the area and volume of the room, which is very important in modern small apartments.

GRACE WOOD paneling allows you to create a large number of options depending on your preferences. Only GRACE WOOD panels allow the outer corners to be clad. In this option, the lining should be started from the outer corner in both directions.

18 panels — 1,2 sq.m.
Panel 780×100×12 — 3 pcs.
Panel 780×100×7 — 3 pcs.
Panel 780×100×5 — 3 pcs.
Panel 780×70×12 — 3 pcs.
Panel 780×70×7 — 3 pcs.
Panel 780×70×5 — 3 pcs.

When installing products it is strictly forbidden to use adhesives containing the following solvents:
toluene, acetone, white spirit, xylene, methyl alcohol, ethanol, benzene and their analogues.
The use of these adhesives causes damage to the products!