3D WOOD MDF panels are made of high-quality MDF of medium density, and wrapped with a unique finish film having a 3D effect, which closely reflects the brushed texture of the exotic wood species. The coating has a multilayer structure, thereby creating a unique texture of living wood. The high density of MDF prevents the deformation and sagging of the panels during operation. The panels allow you to quickly incorporate a modern design element into the interior or perform full finishing of the walls and ceiling.

Our installation instructions will help you quickly and easily finish the walls of the room or small fragments of the wall, for example, in the TV zone. The optimal width of the fragment is from 120 cm up to infinity. This width allows you to use the panel in small rooms, which is not available for other analogues in the market. Additional battens and 2 mm clips for wall panels (not to be confused with clapboard clips) are required for 3D WOOD panels. In addition, the panels can be mounted in a combined way: using clips and glue. In the latter case the batten is not required for installation but the walls must be aligned.


  • The design of the 3D WOOD MDF panels enables three options for cladding (on the batten with clips, on the batten with a construction stapler, and a combined clip-and-glue method without the battens).
  • It is possible to decorate individual zones on the walls (for example, in the area where a wall-mounted TV or plasma panel is located).
  • The white panels provide for the subsequent coloring: immediately or after long operation. This is particularly important for ceiling panels.
  • The panels are equipped with a reliable lock on 4 sides, which ensures lining without protruding profiles.
  • The 8 mm thick panels in combination with the locks on 4 sides exclude the deformation and sagging.
  • The product range includes 2 typical sizes of panels, which allows application of a large number of design solutions and as well as use of both sizes in lining works simultaneously.
  • The width of the panels in combination with the original chamfer creates a closest possible imitation of a wooden board.
  • Modern finish films with the 3D WOOD effect (brushed wood) are used for lamination of the panels.
  • The panels are installed horizontally, which is not available for other types of panels.

1185х185х9 mm
7 pcs in package
Package weight: 7,5 kg

1185х100х9 mm
7 pcs in package
Package weight: 4 kg