Foam PVC Cove Moulding

PVC cove mouldings are used for decoration of the junction between the wall and ceiling, as well as the arrangement of split-level ceilings. In addition the ceiling skirting board will help you hide the mounting gaps between the wall and ceiling. The use of cove moulding visually softens the transition between the wall and ceiling, and decorates any room, be it a living room or an office.

The PVC cove moulding is easily processed with conventional tools, and attached using contact adhesive.

The size of the cove moulding ensures a 22 mm overlap along the interfaced planes, and the wide color range offers solutions for the most daring interior designs.

Texture colors

  • 610 White
  • 614 Redwood Maple
  • 638 Pink Beech
  • 652 Scandinavian Oak
  • 655 Natural Beech
  • 670 Venice Oak