Cove Moulding

Cove moulding is a universal decorative element used to conceal the joints between the ceiling and the wall, and to decorate the inner corners of the room.

When designing the premises in a house or apartment, not only the designer’s intention is taken into account, but also the functionality. Cove moulding is the element intended for both decoration and protection of furniture. It serves for the repair and decoration of windows, kitchen, bathroom, basement or other special premises, so as to ensure the longest possible service life under difficult operating conditions, and at the same time retain their appearance.

Cove moulding application area:

  • Decoration of joint between the wall and ceiling. In this case, the cove moulding serves as a ceiling skirting board instead of a regular polystyrene profile. The advantages of cove mouldings are obvious: aesthetic appearance, strength, durability and safety.
  • The cove moulding can be used to construct a multi-layer ceiling and trim inner corners, uneven or curved surfaces.
  • It goes well with MDF and PVC wall panels, wallpaper, and ceiling tiles.
  • And the main advantage, of course, is the functionality of the product. The cove moulding is an excellent seal at the point of contact between the wall and the sink, the bathtub, and the kitchen counter. Soft edges of the cove moulding prevent moisture from getting into the junction, and also smooth out the surface irregularities.

Texture colors

  • INT White
  • INT Silver
  • INT Black
  • EXT White
  • EXT Silver
  • EXT Black

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