Transparent Angles

Outer corners have always been considered the most vulnerable places to damage in the room. Chips, scratches, scuffs and dirt spoil the appearance of the interior and can disfigure any, even the most sophisticated, design.

A transparent plastic angle for protection is the simplest and most affordable solution to all issues. It is ideal for any color and stylistic solution in the interior, because there is no need to choose the color of the profile matching the color of the walls.


Advantages of Transparent PVC Angles:

  • Versatility: suitable for any wall color and any interior;
  • Essential when finishing corners with different colors;
  • Easy installation without special tools;
  • Corner protection against damage;
  • Excellent PRICE/QUALITY ratio;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • No special care required;
  • Unlimited service life.

Available sizes: 20х20 mm, 30х30 mm.

Length: 2,7 m