Universal Angles

The universal angle profile is a strip of soft elastic material that connects the two parts of the corner, allowing you to use the profile as both internal and external without adhering to the limitations of the standard 90 degrees angle.

The angle can be made sharper or blunt, depending on the layout of the room.

Various packaging options for universal angle profile solve the problem of safety during transportation and storage.

The color and pattern are fully consistent with the color range of skirting boards of the Rico Leo series.




The wall surface must be flat, dry and clean (without dust), small irregularities (textures of wallpaper, decorative plaster, etc.) up to 1 mm are acceptable.

Use contact adhesive for PVC products (double-sided gluing) to attach the universal angle profile.

The glue shall be applied not only on the profile, but also on the wall spot to which the profile is glued.

Use the adhesive compound in accordance with the instructions attached.

IMPORTANT! If there is no contact adhesive, use a hair dryer to ensure elasticity of the universal angle profile and fasten it with a masking tape until it is completely fixed.


Range of Colors