Installation of MDF panels

  1. Prepare the surface you plan to glue the panels upon. The surface must be dry, clean and even. Small depressions are allowed not exceeding 0.3 square of one panel.
  2. Make a vertical measurement to make all the panels fit without trimming between a horizontal line approximately 7-10 cm above the floor and up to the ceiling. Depending on the skirting board used.
  3. Using a level draw a horizontal line on the wall and fix a steel profile strictly horizontally on the wall. It will serve as a temporary support for the first row of panels until they are secured in place with glue. Otherwise the panels will slip down.
  4. Before gluing the panels, it is recommended to lay them out on a flat horizontal surface in the order you want to see them on the wall. This will allow you to see a complete picture and avoid errors in lining. The plan is then required to be put on paper and strictly followed.
  5. The final decoration is a delight to the eye.