Installation of PVC panels

Installation of PVC panels is a simple job that can be done alone and without any special tools.

Before starting the work with PVC wall panels, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the walls. The walls should be cleaned of old materials, whitewash, grease stains, dirt and dust. The ideal method is to prime the surface, as it will not only get rid of the dust, but also improve the adhesion of materials.

However, it is not necessary to make the wall absolutely smooth. Plastic panels are very flexible and can disguise minor defects and roughness of the surface.

The next preparatory step is the measurement of the room and the materials. We recommend you, in order to install panels more effectively, to determine the shape of the panels in advance and adjust them by using usual scissors or a construction knife. As PVC panels are thin, it does not take much time and effort to adjust their size.

A suitable adhesive is a specially developed Valo Glue for PVC panels, or you can use the so-called acrylic-based 'liquid nails'. The amount of Valo Glue in the package will be enough for installing 5-7 panels. It is NOT recommended to use adhesives based on aggressive solvents (acetone, white spirit, toluene, etc.).

NB: Plastic PVC panels have no joint elements. To seal the gaps between them, use special profile sections. When you purchase Grace plastic panels, you can also choose profiles of any type: angle panels, joint panels or start panels.

After completing all the preparatory procedures, you can start the installation.

Installation of PVC panels should start from the top of the wall (if you are using panels over the whole wall and not just some part of it). In order to ensure proper positioning of the panels, you can make horizontal marking on the wall with the use of a builder's level.

Installation guidelines:

  • Apply glue to the back (not the front) side of the decorated panel throughout its perimeter.
  • The glue should be applied on the protruding parts of the sheet.
  • Press the panel against the surface of the wall.
  • Adjust the panel in relation to the wall. Wait for the glue to get dry and fix the panel to the surface (approximately 1–2 minutes). To be sure, you can fix the newly pasted panel to the wall with painter's tape.
  • Repeat the process for the other PVC panels.
  • It is important to remember that it takes 24 hours for the adhesive to dry completely. During the drying period, it is recommended to avoid any further work on the surface covered with PVC panels.

As you can see, the installation of PVC panels is really easy. Anyone can do it, and it takes far less time than finishing your walls with other materials.